The Human Rights Center for Interdisciplinary Research (DH-CII) is an organic subunit of the Law School of the University of Minho which aims to promote a high level of interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research in the area of Human Rights.





Espaços Reclusão - Desafios na Profissão e na Investigação


Espaços Reclusão 


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Visit here the Observatory of Local Democracy

Check here the E-book containing all the articles presented in the II International Symposium on Human Rights




"Os Direitos Fundamentais das Pessoas Surdas


This research centre announces the publication of its researcher Filipe Venade de Sousa.



Filipe Venade de Sousa is a deaf person. Is a PhD student in Law at the Law School of the University of Minho and Master in Human Rights from the Livro - DF Pessoas Surdas
same school. Since 2013, he is associate researcher at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Human Rights.

He is an active member within the deaf community and respective associative movement in Portugal and, consequently, he fights for the rights and interests of deaf people and the recognition of Portuguese Sign Language as a fundamental right.
With experience in first person, the author of this book deepens the theme of the rights of deaf people, with a special focus on the question of the Deaf community as a linguistic minority.The book discusses, as well, on the status of the deaf in national and international perspectives persons, constituting a valuable contribution to the debate on the rights and interests of deaf people and the recognition of Portuguese Sign Language as a fundamental right


Esta publicação poderá ser encontrada na Livraria Almedina.



Preview part of this work here.




"A Primavera Árabe e o Uso da Força nas Relações Internacionais"



This research centre announces its latest publication.


The book "A Primavera Árabe e o Uso da Força nas Relações Internacionais" compiles the papers presented at the international conference organized by this research center in December 2011.



This book can be purchased at the Almedina bookshop.




The annotated edition of the Constitution of Timor-Leste








Check here the publication


Check here the Annotated Constitution database.





New report from Amnesty International on the treatment of migrants in Libya


In its new report, "Libya is full of cruelty: stories of abduction, sexual violence and abuse from migrants and refugees", Amnesty International exposes the horrific situations of refugees and migrants in Libya.



Check here the Report.




Release of World Development Indicators 2015


Now available the 2015 edition of World Development Indicators with statistics about development and people's lives around the globe.



Check here the WDI 2015.




FRA published a report about the child-friendly justice


In its latest report FRA studies the child-friendly justice system through the perspectives and experiences of professionals on children’s participation in judicial proceedings.



Check here the Report.



UN: Women released a new report about the need of the new policies promoting gender equality


The new report analises the evolution of gender equality since the Beijing Declaration, and seeks to understand the difficulty of implementing women's rights.



Check here the Report.



UN published a report about the conflict-related sexual violence


The report of the Secretary-general presents information about the conflict-related sexual violence during the year 2014.



Check here the Report.



Amnesty international published a report about the activities of Boko Haram from January 2014 until march 2015


In the report "Our job is to shoot, slaughter and kill: Boko haram's reign of terror in north-east Nigeria", the Amnesty International analises the abuses committed by the Boko Haram, in north-east Nigeria, during the year 2014.



Check here the Report.



Through its Beijin Platform Action, UN: Women, published an infographic on women's situation concerning gender equality


The UN: Women, as gender equality and empowerment of women Entity, through its Beijing Platform Action released an infographic regarding gender equality in areas such as health, education, wages, politics, among others.



Check here the Infographic.



Amnesty international published its Annual Report


Amnesty International published its annual report, which analyzes on the situation of human rights in the world during the year 2014.



Check here the Report.




Human Rights Watch published a report on mass rape committed by the Sudanese army in Darfur


In this report Human Rights Watch documents the plight of more than 200 women and girls of the city of Tbit, which over a period of 36 hours, were raped by the Sudanese army in last October.



Check here the Report.




Human Rights Watch published the 2015 World report


Human Rights Watch published its world report on human rights situation in more than 90 countries and territories during the year 2014.



 Check here the Report.




UN: Women published a Timeline with the most notorious moments and milestones achieved in the struggle for gender equality in 2014



The UN: Women published on its website an interactive timeline highlighting the achievements, milestones and notorious moments of 2014 regarding gender equality.


Check here the Timeline.




Transparency International published the Corruption Perception Index 2014



Check here the Map.


Amnesty International condemns the impunity which the Philippine Police continues to act


Even after signing of the Act against Torture five years ago, detainees are still torture by the police, with no agent ever been convicted of ill-treatment.




Check here the Report.



Human Rights Watch published a report on the degraded conditions women and girls with disabilities live when institutionalized


Human Rights watched report "Treated worse than Animals" alerts to the abuses suffered by women and girls with disabilities in the forcibly admitted to government institutions and mental hospitals.




Check here the Report.



World health Organization published a handbook where condemns virginity tests by health workers



In the its handbook " Health care for women subjected to intimate partner violence or sexual violence", WHO believes that women's rights can only be assured when medical procedures are conducted with informed consent and with medical relevance.

Therefore, virginity tests, or "two-finger test", whose sole pirpose is to determine if the patient is or not a vigin, have no scientific validity.




Check here the Report.



The Walk Free Foundation published a report on modern slavery


The Walk Free Foundation released the 2nd Edition of "Global Slavery Index 2014", which estimates the number of people in slavery in 167 countries today. In this report the Wlak Free Foundation estimates that 35.8 million people are modern slaves.



Check here the Report.



The European Parliament's Subcommittee on Human Rights published an in-depth analysis about the impact of human rights in the extraction industries on indigenous peoples


"The growing demand for non-renewable resources and the need to explore and exploit resources in ever more invasive ways suggest that such activities are likely to impinge even more on the lands of indigenous communities living in countries with important resource reserves"*.


*Indigenous peoples, extractive industries and human rights, p.1.



Check here the Report.



FRA published the annual report on challenges and achievements of  Fundamental Rights in UE during 2013


"This year’s FRA annual report looks at fundamental rights-related developments in asylum, immigration and integration; border control and visa policy; information society, respect for private life and data protection; the rights of the child and the protection of children; equality and non-discrimination; racism, xenophobia and related intolerance; access to justice and judicial cooperation; rights of crime victims; EU Member States and international obligations"*


*Fundamental Rights: Challenges and Achievements in 2013, FRA - European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, 2014 




Check here the Report.



FRA published a report about the right to political participation of persons with disabilities


The joint report of FRA (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights) and ANED (Academic Network of European Disability Experts) analyzes the political participation of persons with disabilities in the 28 EU members and the barriers they encounter for the exercise of their political rights.




Chek here the Report.



The Human Rights Watch published a report about the abuses against transgender peole in Malaysia


"In research in four Malaysian states and the federal territory of Kuala Lumpur, Human Rights Watch found that state Religious Department officials and police regularly arrest transgender women and subject them to various abuses, including assault, extortion, and violations of their privacy rights. Religious Department officials have physically and sexually assaulted transgender women during arrest or in custody, and humiliated them by parading them before the media"*.


*I'm Scared to Be a Woman: Human Rights abuses against Transgender people in Malaysia, Human Rights Watch Publications.



Check here the full Report


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